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About Kimberley

Kimberley is a tight-knit resort community nestled between the Purcell and Rocky mountain ranges of the East Kootenay region of British Columbia. Kimberley has transitioned from a successful mining town to a four-season recreation and tourism destination. The area’s fascinating history is evident in the city’s many well-preserved historical attractions. Today, the European alpine theme sets this picturesque little city apart from nearby communities.

As Canada’s second-highest city, Kimberley's altitude and heavy snowfalls make it a favoured alpine sport destination. Kimberley is also renowned for its golf during the warm, sunny summers. Its three championship courses are ranked among the top places to visit here. Shoulder seasons offer added attractions along with a quieter atmosphere.  The fall’s fiery Tamarak trees, for example, are unique to this area.

Kimberley offers a number of activities that can be enjoyed close to or within the city limits. Visitors will find plenty to explore near the Platz, a pedestrian walkway lined with picturesque shops, cafes, galleries, restaurants and a large cuckoo clock. The residents are welcoming, down-to-earth outdoor enthusiasts.  When in doubt, ask a local where and when to best enjoy all Kimberley has to offer.

Wildlife in the Area

Kimberley is surrounded by impressive mountain scenery, vast wilderness and a variety of nearby national, provincial and municipal parks.  Bear, elk, moose, deer and even cougar sightings are common in the area. From Bald Eagles to Hummingbirds, Kimberley also offers variety for the bird enthusiast.

Local Festivals

As the "City of Festivals" Kimberley plays host to an eclectic mix of family-friendly events including community fairs, markets, dog sled races, garden tours, film, theatre, concerts, art exhibits and more. Below are links to some of our most renowned attractions.

Kimberley July Fest

Kimberley International Old Time Accordian Championships

Arts on the Edge

Fun Stuff

When you’re not skiing, golfing or hiking our endless mountain and valley trails, take advantage of Kimberley’s many other leisure and recreational activities including snowshoeing, skateboarding, mountainbiking, horseback riding, spa therapy, fishing, river rafting and more.

Our Favourite Restaurants

Village Bistro

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The Old Bauernhaus

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Grubsteak Pizza (delivery or pickup)

(250) 427-5227

Pedal & Tap

(250) 427-3325 • View Map

The Sullivan Pub

(250) 427-5516 • View Map

Burrito Grill

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Handy Local Links

City of Kimberley

Kimberley Chamber

Kimberley Weather

Weather in Kimberley